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3 Things You Should Not Do With Junk

You have finally decided to clean up your living space and ready to get rid of the boxes that have over the years gathering dust in your basement, the clothes that no longer fit you, and the toys that your kids outgrew. Unfortunately, after you have organized all the essentials, you will be left with a pile of unwanted items. In most cases, homeowners do not know how to dispose of the junk. Discussed below are a few things that you should never do with your junk.


Whether in a nearby alley or on a corner, dumping is certainly not the best way to deal with the junk. Different items will be disposed of differently. If you are not sure of how to get rid of your junk, contact a local junk removal company or consult the internet. If you are dealing with e-waste, dumping it only ends up in landfills where toxic compounds are leached into water and soil thus polluting the environment. Fortunately, there is a safe way to dispose of any e-waste properly. This involves returning the old electronics for recycling instead of throwing it in the trash. Your old clothes can be useful for people in need. Simply look for donation bins and donate them rather than dumping them.

Leaving it on the street

It is common to find couches, shoes, lamps, and other items left by the roadside with a “free” sign on them. While the idea is without a doubt good, the execution is not. Some people may not be willing to pick old items on the curb due to a number of concerns. While you might think you are benefiting someone else, you will be exposing them to several elements in addition to sanitation and landfill concerns. As an alternative, consider having a yard sale or posting your items on Craigslist. If the item you intend to dispose of can be donated, follow the right channels to ensure that it gets to the donation center. A reputable junk removal company will do this on your behalf.

Burning it

Old bills, envelopes, and notes can be set on fire in your backyard. However, burning rubber, plastics, and other synthetic materials will release toxic fumes that are harmful to the environment into the air. Moreover, you will be putting yourself and your loved ones in danger due to the toxic ash that gets into the water supply as well as into the ground. In fact, you should avoid burning anything, unless you are cooking or warming your home. Burning bushes, papers, and cardboard is surely less hazardous than rubber and plastics. To dispose of all synthetic material, consider recycling them.

It might seem easy to toss your junk out without recycling simply. In most cases, this is due to lack of time to organize the junk before taking it to the landfill. A junk removal company will not only help you get rid of the junk but also protect the planet. If you are feeling overwhelmed with junk, contact a reputable junk removal services provider for fast and reliable services.