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 Hamilton Scrap Metal Pickup

Scrap metal is Junk that comes from different activities like home renovations and car repairs and It is mixed with other junks that has been produced. It shouldn't be thrown away with other trash types because it is a valuable resource and it can be recycled. Therefore, scrap metal pickup service is very essential not only to keep materials that can’t be broken down naturally out of landfills but also to keep the environment safe. Are you stuck with Scrap metal? We can handle that by pickup and recycling them. We offer scrap metal pickup for both your home and business. We do our best to pick up your scrap metal fast and recycle them for future use. Here is the Process: . As part of our commitment to you and the environment we ensure that the waste you produce is recycled whenever it is possible to do so,thereby contributing to a greener future".

What kind of metal we collect?

  • General household white goods
  • Boilers/radiators/copper wire
  • Electronics
  • Barbeques
  • Construction / left over materials
  • Office equipment
  • Garage / shed clearance services

Scrap metal in Hamilton Ontario

 remove all aspects of private and commerical metals free of charge
If you’re looking for a company that will take care of all your scrap metal, you’ve come to the right place!The process is quick and easy, and we’ll take care of all the dirty work for you.No matter how much you have or how problematic your scrap can be, you can be sure that we will dispose of it in a safe, convenient and legal manner.

Contact us

 Hamilton Scrap Metal Pickup

Give us a call to let us know what items you have for pickup and where you are located. We are able to cover Hamilton,ON
Once you confirmed, we can arrange A Pick-up Time when we can come by your area of the city and pick up your scrap metal items free
It is better to place Your Items Outside once they are ready to go and we will come out to for pickup scrap metal free

all you have to do is just give us a call and Say Goodbye to Your Scrap Metal & Appliances.  It will be gone for good and recycled for future use. Call from you, do all the heavy lifting, and recycling from us.